6 Top Driving Mistakes Any Drivers Should Avoid

Driving cars, especially driving in hazardous conditions might imply implicit threats to the safety of the drivers and all passengers in the car. But some silly mistakes are preventable, and car drivers should pay attentions to those blunders to improve the driving proficiency. Here are the most frequent mistakes committed by almost drivers:

1. Inadequate preparation for the trip

This comes as the most common and silliest mistakes of all. So how to be well-prepared before you get behind the wheel? First of all, make sure you get enough sleep and full your stomach before you go. Then, Get to know the route you are going, the local traffic law, the construction sites, some attention-worth spots and blind spots on that route. You should also pay attention to traffic update sites and radio traffic alerts especially when you are about to go to the city center. Besides, keep yourself informed of the weather changes by listening to the TV weather forecast.

2. Getting distracted

Distractors such as texting a message, having a lengthy chat with kids or fiddling with the radio may interfere your attention on the road and lead to severe events. The picturesque view from the both sides of the road is also tempting and luring. To make sure you never make that mistake, tell yourself from time to time not to take your eye off the road, even just for a second

3. Not Wearing a Seat Belt

When it comes to car accidents, seat belts play a significant role in minimizing injuries, but many drivers often neglect them. Today, proper seat belts, and the normal three-point seat belts in particular help improve the comfort of belt wearers and adequate safety (protecting the pelvis and upper chest) if there are any collision or rapid deceleration. However, inappropriately-locked seat belts have no such effects, so the key point is to have it locked in the right way (adjusting it so that lap belt across the upper thighs and diagonal belt across the chest.) Make sure all passengers in the car do the same.

4. Using cell phone while driving

Driving and talking on the phone at the same time is risky. If you can skip the call, skip it and save it when you already park your car. A cell phone is considered as the number one driving distractor that affects the driver’s concentration on the road.

5. Get pissed off by aggressive drivers

If you run across an aggressive driver, try to stay calm and get out of his or her way as fast as possible. Be sensible and wise not to fall into the game they are playing on the road. Just ignore them and give them the way they assert to get. Some drivers just can’t let go the anger and accidentally get involved in the troubles.

6. Make turn too often and suddenly

Many drivers underestimate the time for giving the signal before turning, merging or changing lanes. Usually, it takes ten minutes or so to make your mind on turning. When you’re driving, it is highly recommended that you make your intentions clearly understood by other drivers so that they will respect your right of changing lanes and give you the way.


Driving can be fun and bring about fantastic feeling and happy moments to travelers. Don’t let silly mistakes ruin your trip and cost you a bitter price. Remember that you are safe only if the traffic flow is smooth. So apart from paying attention to those factors above, you should also follow the traffic laws and respect other drivers on the road.

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