Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt Review

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt
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Review Summary:

The lithium pivot vacuum cleaner is amongst the latest vacuum cleaners in the market. It comes with enhanced features. Its sleek design comes with a rotating slim nozzle that has a built-in crevice tool. It also has a flip-up brush. It is extremely suitable for cleaning dust, pet hair and crumbs. A lot of people are there who find it easier to stick to upright vacuum cleaners in their office, household and also for their other cleaning needs. The reason can be attributed to the fact that the upright vacuum cleaner has been in the market for a very long time and people have gotten used to it.

The best vacuum cleaner, which you select for your house, should be a choice that has been well thoroughly considered. A lot of progress has been made till date in the business however with those advancements comes assortment. These days you can get a vacuum in an assortment of sizes and weights. An average size vacuum cleaner can easily do most of the job in many homes; some of the bigger houses will require a full-size machine. You should, therefore, select a vacuum with a weight and size that you are OK with. An upright vacuum can provide you with more suction to less cash contrasted with a canister however they are somewhat substantial and a try to move around. This is why the vacuum cleaners are the most powerful tool and equipment in our daily, busy life.

Not unlike the other vacuum cleaners that were primarily upright vacuum cleaners, the lithium pivot vacuum cleaner, which is handheld, is extremely light in weight and small as well. It is amongst the very prominent aspects of this vacuum cleaner and this is what makes it more gorgeous and convenient. Because of its weight and size, the handheld car vacuum cleaner can easily be carried around the house, even to any location where it is needed.

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum


Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt has many valuable and exciting features, which are as follows:

  1. Technology

It is because of its technology that allows it to have strong suction and fade free power. It is also known to have the suction power.

  1. 3-stage filtration

This lithium pivot vacuum cleaner implies that it has a cyclonic action that spins dust and debris away from the system filter. This allows the suction power to remain strong and functional.

  1. Performance

The lithium pivot vacuum cleaner is high on as it has a motor that allows for higher suction ability.

  1. Narrow Nozzle

This exclusive vacuum cleaner has a narrow nozzle that further enhances its ability to clean. Its battery level indicator will tell you about the status of the battery.

  1. Ease of use

This vacuum cleaner is quite easy to use. You will only have to charge it till the battery if fully charged. On being fully charged, it can be used to clean whenever you need it and wherever you need to clean whether a carpet or the bare floor. It can also be used to remove pet hairs.

Pros & Cons


  • Small and lightweight: The handheld cleaner is small and very light in weight, unlike the previous vacuum cleaners that were mostly upright vacuum cleaners. This is what makes this vacuum cleaner to be more attractive and convenient. Because of its size and weight, you can easily carry it around the house, to any location where it is needed.
  • Power: For those looking for serious power, the lithium pivot vacuum cleaner 20V MAX* Lithium Pivot has a strong suction provided by the 20V MAX* lithium ion battery, a lightweight design for easy carrying, and a standing charging base. The Pivot is powerful and at the same time, it is also compact so that it can be stored within easy reach to any mess.
  • Narrow nozzle: Its narrow nozzle allows it to reach even very small crevices that many of the other vacuum cleaner nozzles are not able to reach.
  • Powerful suction: The lithium pivot vacuum cleaner has a very powerful suction force of o 35 air watts of cyclonic suction. It provides a powerful suction that enables the device to work properly even on bare floors and on carpets.
  • 3-Stage filtration: This is a very vital feature of this vacuum cleaner. It comes in handy especially to those who have allergies to dust and even to those who are asthmatic.
  • Enhanced battery life: The battery of this lithium pivot vacuum cleaner can easily be recharged and thus could be used without plugging into a power source. With this device, the battery life is increased as such cleaning is finished faster than before.
  • Ideally Suitable: It is an excellent vacuum cleaner for people who are asthmatic or allergic to dust. The reason for this is because of it's 3- stage filtration system that allows it to vacuum without upsetting any dust. Because of the ‘e’ noise produced by the cleaner, it is also ideal for those families that don’t have young children or elderly people. It can also be used by anyone with cleaning needs, and wants the cleaning done fast and thoroughly.


Similar to the other handheld vacuum cleaner this vacuum cleaner also has a number of disadvantages.

  • Loud Noise: The major disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner are that it can prove to be very loud. This is why it becomes difficult to be used by families with young children and elderly people to use them. It produces a lot of noise such that the sleeping children could wake up and it will most certainly disturb the peace of the elderly. It is a vacuum cleaner which would only be convenient to people who do not mind so much noise.
  • Runtime: Due to the fact that it operates on a battery, you cannot compare its runtime with an upright vacuum cleaner. It will run low on battery and it will need to be recharged from time to time. This should, however, be not so much of a problem as if charged properly it has quite a long battery life.


It serves as an ideal cleaning mechanism for owners of apartments and also to townhouses who are in need of a vacuum cleaner, which is able to clean up those areas, which a corded vacuum was not able to clean. It can easily clean up ceiling fans, vents, and closets. The company has taken into consideration the needs of their customers when designing this vacuum. This is why they have made many improvements from the previous models. Due to its new lithium battery, it can maintain its suction throughout the charge cycle and have minimal fade.

What I really liked about this vacuum cleaner is that it is an excellent handheld vacuum for small to medium sized homes for cleaning spot messes.

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