Car Seat Protector – The Surprising DIY


After buying a new car few of last months, it is certain that you always think of keeping everything clean at least a certain time period. As you know, there have 2-3 kids on the car. Yes, to keep all things clean, it is very difficult while the legs of the youngest children will touch the rear of the seat if sat. Exactly, the stains is from that cause. Correspondingly, something to protect the seat from the stains are necessary. There is a reason why this idea appears. Although you find a myriad of the related models on the market today, we recognize that this version is better. In additional to that, you can adjust an easy way.

The DIY Project to Protect the Car Seat

Basically, you need to equip:

  • The laminated fabric with color depending on the need of everyone.
  • To make a pattern of sewing machine, you can choose to use Tissue Paper or Pattern Paper.
  • To coordinate the color, you need to have a quilt binding. There is a way for the surrounding straps of the headrest.
  • It recommends that the bias tape should be folded double.
  • Velcro for straps


Let’s remember that you ought to have to measure the seat so as to determine an amount of the fabric you need to use before purchasing. In case you want to cover the whole seats, it can be going to take 8 yards. Of course, the difference is difficult to avoid – it is likely less or more. Hence, by using the tissue paper or pattern paper, you will cut them to what you have measured. You measure the 21-inch width and the 42-inch length, right? Well, you just need to cut the paper according to these measured things.

For the time being, you put the cut paper on the seat. Like that, you can observe how the seat looks. From there, if you see any unsuitable positions, you can easily change. The changes should be made on the seat, cutting the fit seat-belt, for example. In my opinion, you should make the wider bottom part in comparison with the top on yours. Apart from, you also need to divide the measurements in half so that the fabric is fitted. That’s why you dis both the bottom and top each of separate part. At once, they must be sewed together.


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