Clean Your Car’s Seats Yourself

Your car is considered as clean – not only the outside but also the inside. Once you keep the clean seats, you will feel comfortable when driving. It will not have a lot of costs. Right now, I will share the DIY cleaner for car seats. Let’s see!


DIY Cleaner for Car Seats

It is certain that people can recognize an issue: the kids plus car seats – the result will be stained for days. Therefore, cleaning the car seats is a necessary task that we ought to do regularly. Let’s imagine that the spilled fruit juice, stains, chocolate tracks, or food smell make your vehicle become terrible. Yes, we let lean all right now.

In fact, I got used to calling to a couple of local car detailers. And then, some of the places require paying $200 for cleaning my car’s seats. So expensive! Correspondingly, by trying utilizing the steam cleaner on my car before, it just took about 3 percent of the stains. Fortunately, the water spots still left many positions.

For the result, I have done some of the studies. Finally, a perfect solution is found. What a good it is! In general, you will be able to have to change the intake a bit. In my opinion, you can use the equal amount of each part. You will get a close result.

The necessary things:

  • Shop vacuum/ Steam cleaner
  • Club soda
  • Spray bottle
  • Vinegar
  • Scrub brush
  • Blue dawn dish soap


+ Initially, you will grab a heavy duty spray bottle. Then, you start to add the similar intake of vinegar, club soda, and Dawn. In case your spray bottle is relatively large, you can utilize one cup of all ingredients. If you think that this is a lot of Dawn, you don’t need to worry because I used that amount. Nonetheless, you can also try less as long as you receive a positive result. It ensures that the mixture must be shaken.

+ It sprays that mixture on the stains and let it for some minutes. Since I am not patient, it only waits for three minutes. If possible, you can let for 5-10 minutes.

+ For the time being, you use the scrub brush in order to rush the stains – they can be going to take $200 if you bring to the car detailed yours. Nevertheless, these stains don’t make me afraid. By using my arms and rub, I consider as performing workouts.

+ At this time, you can utilize your steam cleaner or shop vacuum with the water so as to rinse the seats. With the shop vacuum, you only need to spray the water and suck the mixture up. So simple!

+ After letting your seats dry, you will recognize the surprising thing.

+ If you want to eliminate the vinegar smell (often left about 2 days), you can use an appropriate oil to deodorize. The citrus blend would be an ideal selection. Let’s choose the oils a wise way to avoid making you difficult.

It hopes that this article will be useful for those who want to clean the car seats – both save and benefit.

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