What the Component Car Speakers Are – Let’s Learn

Although settling for the ho-hum sound of your car is rarely concerned, the systems of the component speaker ~ separates enable you to lift the music to the dash by separating the woofers and tweeters. Either realistic sound or outstanding imagine in your car is delivered by components. There is a reason why they become the choice of the sound maniacs. For the time being, let’s consider what contributes to creating the high-grade speaker system and why your vehicle is installed them.


The reason why you’d like to separate woofers and tweeters

Ordinary coaxial speakers, whatever you install factory, the combination of the woofer with tweeter into one will also be a convenient manner to create a great sound in one speaker. Nonetheless, this design can lead to both (the woofer and tweeter) that are simultaneously compromised. In additional to that, when mounting a tweeter on the top of the cone woofer, it shall always interfere with the produced sound waves by the woofer.


On the contrary, once the tweeters and woofers are mounted an independent way in a component speaker system, each of the components will be able to work right to its. At once, the issue of impeding the woofer performance by the tweeter is eliminated. It is noticed that the sound will be optimized when positioning the independent tweeters, thanks to that, the result of music will also be better.

What will you accurately install in your car?

In case you purchase a system with an after component, you are able to find four following elements when opening the box:

#1. Woofers: the midrange frequencies at the positions – piano, acoustic guitar, and the majority of instrument life are handled by these drivers. Generally, the woofers are mounted in the car door.

#2. Tweeter: the woodwinds, snare drums, and female vocals – the high notes are handled by these drivers. As a whole, when the factory location does not exist, you must mount the tweeters a custom way.

#3. Crossover systems: Thanks to these little boxes, the high frequencies will be diverted to the woofers as well as the tweeters. Besides, the energy will not also be wasted by both the tweeter and the woofer while trying to reproduce the frequencies. Accordingly, it allows you to enjoy the clean, efficient sound.

#4. Mounting hardware: It requires that you must choose when mounting the tweeters and crossovers because both need to have to be adapted to interiors of your car.

Let’s add an amplifier to provide the necessary power

Frequently, the design purpose of the component systems is to handle a large amount of power in comparison with the similar brand coaxial counterparts theirs. Even though they will still operate well when being supported by an aftermarket audio, their sound will be the best when having an additional amplifier. Let’s remember this when you have planned for your own system.


In addition, to enable bi-amping, plenty of crossovers supplement the input terminals. Instead of combining the tweeter and woofer into a single speaker, you may connect two cable sets, along with an amp channel. Like that, both tweeters (high-frequency drivers) and woofers (low-frequency drivers) can receive the dedicated amplification. In case you want to setup a high-performance system for yourself, this feature is quite necessary.

Conversely, if you do not have the need for an amp, you must ensure the component speakers, which can perform efficiently on deck power.


Before choosing to purchase car speakers, you need to learn plenty of details about the way to select the proper speakers for your own car sound system. Let’s ensure this step! Then, you utilize our guide so as to look for speakers, which fit the car yours. Happy finding enjoy!!

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