Expert Tips To Keep Your Transmission In Good Condition

It is essential to keep the car transmission in good condition since this part costs you as much as the motor. If you want to keep the car consistent over a long time and minimize the cost of maintenance, you should pay due attention to the transmission. This post is going to give you expert tips to make your transmission last longer.

Tip No#1 Check the Fluid Level

It is of great importance to keep an eye on the level of the transmission fluid since the absence of it will cause serious issues and harm the motor. The fluid plays a significant role in providing cooling and lubrication. The improper level of fluid will affect the transmission performance. To make sure, you should have your car checked by a skilled mechanic.

Tip No#2 Service the Transmission on a particular basis.

To make sure the transmission will not wear out over a short period, you should have the fluid and filter replaced every year at the maintenance center. Don’t hesitate to spend some money on high-quality filter since this is an economical investment in the long run. You’d better off having the car’s cooling system checked carefully monthly. The car’s cooling system makes sure the temperature of the car doesn’t exceed the accepted limit and therefore, protect the transmission from major problems.

Tip No#3 Be aware of how you drive your car

The rule number one is to shift between gears only after you stop the car. Gentle shifting from one gear to another will make your driving much safer and beneficial in the long run. If you sudden change the gear while the car is still moving, the transmission will be suffered. Another important thing you should be aware of is how you apply the brake.

Tip No #4 Give the transmission a boost.

You can probably enhance the efficiency of the transmission by adding a friction modifier to the fluid. The friction modifying additives can extend the life of your transmission and will help save a significant sum of money later on. You can also regular the heat efficiently by installing an auxiliary cooler. This equipment is designed to deal with the extensive heat and help balance the temperature appropriate for the transmission and the motor in general. Another way to boost your transmission is the cooler line filter. The line filter is to reduce the amount of dirt and particles clogging the passages and thus, protect the transmission from being rusted and worn out.

Tip No #5 Warm up the vehicle before setting off.

Bear in mind that the car needs to get to a particular temperature before running, especially in cold weather conditions. You probably own a safe and smooth, problem-free trip to this tactic.

Concluding thought

You might be thinking that the transmission’s life can’t be changed or extended by anyways. But above are strategic ways to make the transmission last longer and perform consistently over a long time. Besides applying these tips, it is important that you address any arising problems as soon as possible to reduce the damage and protect car parts. We hope that you have a better insight into maintaining the car and wish you safe driving trips down the road.

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