How to Run the Wire of the Speakers through the Door

It is not difficult to own a car, but the related problem to it is not easy, in particular, the issue of the speaker wire. Nonetheless, in fact, the speaker wire installation is easier than you thought. You will not cut involved. At once, you will also not take a lot of time in comparison with mounting the crossover box in the door.


Instead of adding the crossovers in the doors, running the wire of the speaker will be more beneficial and ideal. The following guide will provide how to run the speaker wire via the door in order to turn your work easier and simpler. Obviously, you will see everything that does not complicate.

The manner to run the speaker wire via the door

First of all, the essential tools for your work:

  • · Small screwdriver
  • · Fishing tape

Before starting, removing the panel of the door and the middle of the woofer is to force.

Right now, let’s begin!

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#1. The plastic runner must be removed.

#2. By the dead pedal, the piece of the underside plastic needs to be removed. The held plastic screw can be turned with the fingers yours.

#3. For the time being, are you ready to get the valuable stuff? The rubber/grommet sleeve into the car’s the body ought to be taken away. By utilizing the screwdriver both flat head and wedge, while it pulls on the grommet. It will not be difficult and have to worry because the back installation is easy.

#4. Let’s place your left hand on the hole of the subwoofer and reach up until you recognize the grommet, which is attached to the door. You can be going to be difficult to see this if you do not use your hand to recognize because of being inside the door. When feeling the rubber sleeve of the grommet, you ought to pull it in a gentle way. At that time, the right hand yours on the external also pushes in the grommet. Over the wires, it should avoid sliding the rubber/ grommet sleeve, but this one is not easy to occur, unless it is to force and be necessary. Let’s utilize the screwdriver in order to push it out of the external.

#5. The right thing to do is to utilize the fishing tape or the modified-coat hanger via the inside door. You must feel the end of the sheath of the rubber. Then, it passes the fishing tape via it. Don’t use the excessive force! You only need a small manipulation before removing everything out of the door via the sleeve of the rubber.

#6. On the loop, it puts the wire of the speaker and pulls it via a careful way.

#7. Let’s take the wire, which passed via the door and into the hole of the car body. There is also a position that other grommets go into. At once, you also start putting your right hand in the hole so as to remove the piece of the plastic close to the dead pedal. You will recognize the wire at here.

#8. The last one, it repositions the grommets. You only need to push out the side of the inside door by using the screwdriver. Hence, it pushes on one side of the car body. No problem! Everything is easy. That’s right?

Much has been said about how to run the speak wire through the door, everyone thinks that it is difficult. Nevertheless, after reading our information, it is certain that you have no less the knowledge about it. Good succeed!

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