The Manner to Make the Bass in Your Car Sound the Best – How Is…

Perhaps, many people like the subwoofers because it allows them to feel the musical emotion by all body. Or even, you will also be absorbed and sway to the music. There is a reason why the music become an important part in everyone’s life that we find – we are moved by the music.

Certainly, it will take a little effort and time in order to have the accurate bass sound that you’d like from the subwoofer yours. Nevertheless, the received result of a well-audio subwoofer system is very cool and satisfying.

Before starting…

Based on the following information, you will know how to adjust your amplifier and subwoofer so as to get the best stereo if possible. In case you are looking for a subwoofer, you should test the top choice. Hence, let’s continue to read this article to learn the way to install them – the excellent sound will be got.

First of all, it setups the level of the speaker

Let’s remember that our enemy is distortion because the eardrums, speakers, and subwoofers will be destroyed. The sound of the musical instrument will also interfered by the distorted sounds – hissing, crackling, crunching, or flapping. If your car speakers are powered full of range with an amp, it is important that setups your amplifier a right way to prevent the audio distortion.

Step #1It removes the distortion

After setting the low amplifier, playing a couple of music and turning up the volume of your receiver until the distortion sound is heard. Thus, you come back the volume until the sound cleans again. Keep in mind, you must note or mark the volume of the receiver. In this way, you can get the maximum volume of the receiver, but the sound still clean.


For the time being, you respectively increase the amplifier’s gain until the distortion is heard again; then, you turn back until you do not hear the distortion. When the amplifier’s gain is set, you may decrease the volume of the receiver to listen, a comfortable manner. Whatever an amp is not supported in your speaker system, you just need to recognize the maximum volume on the receiver, by turning it under the level of the distortion.

Now, a couple of basses are ready

Step #2The signal needs to be flattened and the low-pass filter is opened

It turns the gain of the subwoofer amplifier to the lowest level – it often positions counter-clockwise. Let’s switch its low-pass filter on! At once, you also sets it like clockwise, high and even as it shall go. You should turn the bass boost off if having. If it has a level-remote control, you should install it in the middle position. Later, you can increase or decrease the bass on your songs.


Then, it sets flat the bass tone of your receiver or adjusts it to zero or middle as long as your stereo is called on. On the other hand, you should also set the subwoofer level control to middle or non-gain. Occasionally, your receivers have a bass boost, crossover, low-pass filter on the subwoofer output theirs. Let’s ensure that all are turn off.

*Note: It simultaneously avoids utilizing the bass boosts, low-pass filters, or crossover on your amp and receiver. The best is to utilize one without both because the distortion will be created around every filter, the muddy sound, or the crossover frequency of the boosts.

Step #3It adjusts the low-pass filter and subwoofer gain


Initially, you let play your music via the receiver with the volume ~ one-quarter. Then, you start turning the subwoofer amplifier’s gain until the sound of the subwoofer entirely overpowers other speakers, but the sound is not distorting.

If you are listening to your music with a subwoofer, you should slowly adjust the low-pass filter of the subwoofer amplifier until it does not appear the high- and mid-frequency notes. Thanks to the low-pass filter, the unexpected notes of the subwoofer will be eliminated. In additional to that, it also operates as a tone control in order to capture the sound of the kick drum. Also, the vocals, cymbals, guitar and strings filter out and the bass will be left while the drums are low.

Step #4 The subsonic filter and bass boost

You have a bass boost, don’t you? Well, you ought to try turning it a careful manner to hear what the sounds of the bass drum like when doing. You just need to apply a little bass boost, whose kicks will be created. However, you should carefully be with the bass boost when choosing to utilize it because of its distortion. Once you recognize this, you let low the gain of the subwoofer amplifier until the distortion completely disappears. You will be felt the beat in the air when moving your subwoofer if you utilize the bass boost.


A value suggestion for you is to utilize a subsonic filter on the amp to minimize the low or loud notes for ported subwoofers. In this way, the levels of the notes will be decreased when they are enclosed by resonates. Depending on your individual preference, all filters will be fine-tuned. The purpose is to make the sound of the bass drum become either loose or reverberant or tight and dry. Importantly, you must adjust your car sound system as long as you can listen to your favorite tunes.

Let’s blend all frequencies

Step #5It matches the subwoofer level to your receiver volume

You need to increase the volume of the receiver to the maximum. Hence, you begin turning the gain of the subwoofer amplifier up until the sound of the bass and the remaining music are balanced.


To listen to what it does, you run the level control or bass boost a little bit. You ought to know that the remaining sound waves of the system are not sometimes combined with the subwoofer because of the acoustic space size. Although your bass has a lot of volumes, it is short of punch. Correspondingly, you need to reverse the speaker leads of your subwoofer. Like that, you can place the sound waves together an efficient way in comparison with other manners.

Overcoming the problems

In case your subwoofers appear distortion, you should turn the gain of the sub amplifier down. If you are not able to have sufficient bass out of the subwoofer to hold the speakers without distorting, an amp combination or a bigger sub will be necessary. Of course, the ability to handle power must be higher.

You avoid lowering your amplifier’s gain to match the lack of your sub volume. This one will be able to harm for your speakers. For the reason, you ought to put a subwoofer in order to start with. Let’s remember that more power are still better than lack.

Right now, you may enjoy your favorite music, depending on the capacities of your vehicle audio system and the preference yours. Don’t forget to be polite! Let’s turn the volume down when you recognize that is disturbing others. Happy music enjoy!

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