The Best Car Speakers for Sound Quality Bass 2016


The best car speaker can make driving more fun and enjoyable. Many people think that a car system is just a luxury. However, people who cherish their cars well are well aware of the fact that having a good quality car speaker is a must to take the entire driving experience to a whole new level. If you wish to get the best car speakers for sound quality bass, here is a simple guide for you.

The Top 3 Car Speakers of Today

Today, there are three car speakers that stand above the rest and these are as follows:

What To Look For In the Best Car Speakers?

With the wide array of car speakers available in the market today, it is not easy to determine what is the best car speakers for your needs. To make sure that the car speaker you are considering to buy is of high quality, here are some of the qualities to look out for:

  • Value for money
  • Built-in Woofers and Tweeters
  • Amazing bass and sound quality
  • Compact and updated design
  • Easy to install
  • Added features
  • Material used

The quality of a car speaker lies on what type of material is used in manufacturing the three major components of car speakers—woofers, tweeters and surround material. If you wish to know what type of material each component should have, please read the information provided below:

Surround Material: For the surround material, using a material that has the ability to withstand humidity and heat is a must. The best type of material for this would be no other than rubber. The second best material would be cotton.

Tweeters: Some of the materials that are used in manufacturing high-quality tweeters include silk, soft textile blends, and polyurethane. Manufacturers opt for soft materials as these help in producing warm sounds. Avoid choosing car speakers with tweeters that are made out of hard materials like graphite, ceramics, and metals as these materials tend to produce ear-splitting music.

Woofers: Make sure that the woofers of the car speaker that you will buy are made out of stiff and lightweight material. Such characteristics are required to produce the right bass sound. Some of the materials commonly used in the manufacture of woofers of best car speakers for sound quality bass are polypropylene and woven fabric.

In addition to this, it is important that you should take note of the following considerations when choosing a great speaker:

  • Updated systems and latest features
  • Price of product is within your set budget
  • Compatible with vehicle model
  • Customer reviews

By looking at these factors, you can be able to determine if the car speaker that you wish to purchase is the best car speaker for your needs.

Types of Car Speakers

Today, there are two types of car speakers that are available in the market. These are as follows:

Component Speakers

If you are not familiar with what component speakers are, these are the advanced type of speakers that have detachable components. Since you can be able to separate each part (especially the woofers and tweeters) and you can place these in different parts of the car, these are considered to be the best car speakers for sound quality bass. Due to its advanced features and high flexibility, these are sold at high prices in the market. If you are planning to customize your car music experience, this is the best type of speaker for you.

Full Range Speakers

This type of speaker is considered to be the all-in-one car speakers which have the ability to produce sounds of the highest quality. Unlike the component speakers, you cannot be able to customize this type of speakers With this in mind, these are perfect for people who only wish to just replace the built-in speakers in their car. The best benefit of this type of speaker is that it will give you the best value for your money. You will also enjoy its fast and hassle-free installation process.

When choosing which car speaker to buy, it is recommended that you first determine what your needs are so you can be able to know what type of car speaker will be most beneficial for you.

Why Buy High-Quality Car Speakers?

Many people have invested great efforts in choosing the best speakers for their car. Maybe you are wondering why do they need to do that? Well, that is because having high-quality car speakers will offer you great advantages that you cannot get from buying and using car speakers of mediocre quality. What are these benefits? These are as follows:

You get to listen to music in the best way possible​

A high-quality car speaker is filled with useful features that will make your music experience a memorable and fun one. Today, car speakers have advanced features that will make listening to music much convenient and comfortable.​

High-quality speakers produce the finest quality of music.​

Many people think that car speakers can only produce mediocre sound quality. High-quality car speakers have high-quality woofers and tweeters which can produce the best quality sound in your vehicle. The car speakers that are available today can produce sounds of the most exquisite quality.

High-quality speakers are intelligently designed.​

More than the features, the best car speakers of today also exhibit intelligent design. With its advanced and high tech design, it can enhance the appearance of your car’s interior, making it look modern and appealing.

High-quality car speakers are compatible with your car model.​

The car speakers of today are designed with the basic structure of different car models in mind. When you choose a car speaker that is compatible with the model of your car, you can maximize the features of both your car and the speakers.

High-quality speakers are made of high-quality materials.

When the components of your car speaker are made from the materials that we have mentioned above, it will be able to produce fine quality music. More than that, the use of the right materials will also ensure the long life and full function of the different car speaker components.

High-quality car speakers will give you value for your money.​

High quality does not always mean high price. The best car speaker is reasonably priced and can give you value for your money.

If you wish to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, it is recommended that you choose your car speakers wisely. How can you do that? Continue reading below.

Top 3 Car Speaker Compared

If you wish to determine which you should buy from the best car speakers mentioned above, we have provided a short comparison of these three car speakers based on five important features of a car speaker. Take a look below:

Sound Quality

This isn’t a subjective feature but rather an objective one. The music quality that a speaker produces can be defined by the sharpness of the bass and notes. This is tested in different levels of volume. The sound quality is directly proportional to the tonal efficiency of the speaker.

1. Polk Audio DB6501

Editor Rating:

​​You can look at it here:

Given the fact that this speaker uses the Kapton voice coil former, this speaker is sure to produce amazing sound quality. In fact, this type of speaker produces the most balanced, clear and sharp quality among the three speakers listed here. This component system has a pair of tweeters, crossovers, and woofers.

2. Infinity Reference 9633cf

This speaker lives up to its product description. Described as high performance, it produces a better sound quality and increased bass output, thanks to its surround material (that is made of rubber) and the Plus One woofer cones that the other two speakers in the list do not have.

3. Polk Audio DB651

This speaker is designed to produce average to high-quality sound, thanks to the existence of its low pass and high pass crossover filters. In addition to that, it also has low-mass 25mm Kapton voice coil former. Its simple design is enough to produce the quality of sounds for its price.

Power Handling

There is one question that you should ask when determining the power handling ability of your speaker—how much power the speaker can be able to handle without bursting from too much pressure? When taking a look this speaker ability, you will encounter the term, RMS, which is the unit that refers to the power input wattage that the speaker can be able to handle. This feature is for safety concerns.

1. Polk Audio DB651

Editor Rating:

​​You can look at it here:

The RMS power handling ability of this speaker is 120 watts and it can be able to handle 360 watts at its peak state. Considering the affordable price of the speakers, its power handling ability can already be considered quite competitive.

2. Infinity Reference 9633cf

This speaker has a power handling ability of 100 watts RMS. Its peak state can reach up to 300 watts. At high power levels, the speaker produces music with less distortion because of its edge-driven textile midrange and dome tweeter. As compared to other speakers, the power handling ability of this speaker is already quite wonderful.

3. Polk Audio DB6501

The power handling ability of this speaker is the same with Infinity Reference—100 watts up to 300 watts at peak state. However, this speaker is more expensive than the Infinity Reference.


This term is defined as the amount of sound output that the speaker can handle. This is measured in ohms and may also refer to how well the speaker use its battery without exhausting it. When choosing what speaker to buy, you have to make sure that its impedance matches the amplifier and receiver well. In short, any flow of current that will go beyond the impedance of your speakers may have a negative impact on its performance.

1. Infinity Reference 9633cf

Editor Rating:

​​You can look at it here:

This has a 2-ohm impedance which is considered a great value for car speakers.

2. Polk Audio DB651

This has the average impedance which is not so great as compared to the other speakers in the list but it is already functional.

3. Polk Audio DB6501

With its impedance value of 4 ohms, this has the highest impedance among the three.

Speaker Sensitivity

This term refers to how much volume of the amplifier is needed to gather the best output from the speaker. This measurement for this would be decibels. When shopping for speakers, an excellent value of 80 up to 90 decibels is acceptable.

1. Infinity Reference 9633cf

When it comes to speaker sensitivity, this is the best option. The speaker sensitivity is around 94 decibels. Better bass output is produced thanks to its plus one woofer cones and rubber surrounds.

2. Polk Audio DB651

The sensitivity of the speaker is pretty good, thanks to its ¾ inch silk polymer.

3. Polk Audio DB6501

This has around 92 decibels and can create high sound beautifully because of its 25mm silk composite domes.

Cost/ Price

As we all know, car speakers are not exactly cheap. But since you are already spending a good amount of money, it is a must that you make sure that you will choose one that will give you value for your money.

1. Polk Audio DB651

This is actually the cheapest speaker in the list. This is not as durable as the other two speakers but it already offers durability that is good enough for its price.

2. Infinity Reference 9633cf

This is the second most expensive speaker in the list. The price of this product is already considered reasonable due to the number of features that it has.

3. Polk Audio DB6501

This is the most expensive of the three. With its high durability, high-quality materials and advanced features, the price is surely well worth it.

The Best Car Speakers Infographic


Your entire driving experience can be much more memorable and fun when you have a high-quality audio system installed in your car. If you wish to experience this, we recommend that you choose wisely in determining which is the good car speakers to buy. The three car speakers mentioned above are great in their own different ways. If you are looking for an affordable car speaker that will give you value for your money, Polk Audio DB651 is the perfect speaker for you. On the other hand, the Polk Audio DB6501 is best for people who are willing to splurge a bit to enjoy the most superior quality, advanced features, and high-quality materials. Lastly, the Infinity Reference is the perfect choice for people who are wishing to enjoy advanced features but are not willing to spend high amounts of money on their car speakers.

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